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한국 하계진공학회 2018


한국 하계진공학회 2018
Daemyung Resort, Hongcheon, Korea
2018-08-08 ~ 08-10

[Poster] -  강송규, 김동현, 박재완, 이호진

 1.  Highly transparent conductive and flexible electrodes including double-thin Ag films using wide-bandgap materials for OLED
Song Kyu Kang, Byeong Ryong Lee, Dae Yun Kang, Sung Min Oh, Hyun Woo Son and Tae Geun Kim*

2.  Threshold Switching Behavior Observed From Ag-doped HfOx LAyers for Vrossbar Array Architecture
Donghyun Kim, Hu Hyun Park, Dong Su Jeon, Ji Hwan Lee and Tae Geun Kim*

3.  Improved light out-coupling efficiency in blue TADF materials by optimizing both cavity effect of dielectric/metal/dielectric multilayer and plasmon effect using Ag nanoparticles
Jae Wan Park, Byeong Ryong Lee, Yong Woon Kim, Mi Ram Kwon, Song Kyu Kang and Tae Geun Kim*

4.  Enhanced light out-coupling efficiency in flexible OLED using IZO nanomesh electrode
Ho Jin Lee, Tea Ho Lee, Tae Hoon Park, Kyung Rock Son, Sang Hoon Oh, Wanqi Ren and Tae Geun Kim*

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