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2019 한국광학회 동계학술발표회


2019 한국광학회 동계학술발표회
2019-02-20 ~ 02-22


1.  Highly transparent conductive and flexible electrodes using Al2O3/Ag/Al2O3/Ag/Al2O3 multilayers for OLEDs
Song Kyu Kang, Byeong Ryong Lee, Kyung Rock Son, Donghyun Kim, Ji Hwan Lee and Tae Geun Kim*

2.  Improved light out-coupling efficiency in blue TADF OLEDs using stacked multilayer electrode and Ag nanoparticles
Jae Wan Park, Byeong Ryong Lee, Ju Hyun Park, Dong Su Jeon, Dae Yun Kang and Tae Geun Kim*

3. Flexible Sky-Blue TADF OLEDs Using Metal Nanomesh Electrodes
Ho Jin Lee, Tea Ho Lee, Tae Hoon Park, Hyun Woo Son, Wanqi Ren and Tae Geun Kim*

4. Top-emitting OLEDs with SiOx-based conductive Omnidirectional Reflector
Wanqi Ren, Kyung Rock Son, Tae Hoon Park, Ho Jin Lee and Tae Geun Kim*

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