2021 ICAMD
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
2021-12-08 ~ 12-10

Coalescing cavity suppressed electrode with multi emissive layer: High performance TADF OLED
Il Gyu Jang, Ho Jin Lee, Kang Teng, Hwi Geun Kim, Tae Geun Kim*

Armorphous Ag-GeTe with multilevel resistive switching, threshold switching and synaptic learning properties
Min Ji Yu, Tae Ho Kim, Tae Geun Kim*

Passive matrix micro-LED array structure with resistive-switching electrodes for display applications
Kim Jun Young, Son Kyung Rock, Kim Tae Geun*

New design of active matrix driving circuit for microscale light-emitting diodes display applications using memristor devices
Seok Hee Hong, Kyung Rock Son, Tae Geun Kim*

Ag:GST-based selector device fabricated through in-situ annealing for PCRAM applications
Kyoung Joung Yoo, Min Ji Yu, Tae Hyeong Kim, Tae Geun Kim*

Low power multi-level phase change random access memory with confined-hetero structure
Tae Hyeong Kim, Min Ji Yu, Kyoung Joung Yoo, Tae Geun Kim*

2021 ICAE
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
2021-11-10 ~ 11-12

Surface Modification Induced Stable Zinc Oxide/Perovskite Interfaces with Reduced Energy Loss for Highly Efficient Solar Cells
Vignesh Murugadoss, Won Jun Lee, Dae Yun Kang, Tae Geun Kim*

Haze Induced Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency of Indoor Organic Photovoltaics Using Highly Transparent and Flexible ZnO/Ag/ZnO Nanomesh Electrodes
Ho Jin Lee, Ashkan Vakilipour Takaloo, Tae Hoon Park, Kyung Rock Son, Tae Geun Kim*

Improved Performance of TADF Top-Emitting OLEDs Using Conductive SiO2 as the Anode Buffer Layer
Wanqi Ren, Kyung Rock Son, Tae Hoon Park, Ho Jin Lee, Tae Geun Kim*

Solution-Processed Flexible TADF Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with IZO Micro-Mesh Electrodes
Nahyun Kim, Tae Hoon Park, Kyung Rock Son, Ho Jin Lee, Wanqi Ren, Il Gyu Jang, Tae Geun Kim*


2020-02-01 ~ 02-06


Highly flexible blue TADF OLEDs using IZO/Ag/IZO nanomesh electrodes

Ho Jin Lee, Kyung Rock Son, Byeong Ryong Lee, Tae Hoon Lee, Ashkan Vakillpour Takaloo, and Tae Geun Kim*

Highly stretchable organic light-emitting diodes using patterned nanomesh electrode

Tae Hoon Park, Kyung Rock Son, Ho Jin Lee, Wanqi Ren, Tae Geun Kim*

2019 ICAE
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
2019-11-05 ~ 11-08

[invited talk]Efficiency Breakthrough of Organic/inorganic LEDs Using Electrically Doped Thin-film ElectrodesTae Geun Kim
[oral]Highly Efficient and Flexible Blue TADF Bottom-emission OLEDs Based on IZO/Ag/IZO Nanomesh AnodesHo Jin Lee, Tae Hoon Park, Tae Geun Kim, Kyung Rock Son, Wan Qi Ren
[poster]Highly Stretchable OLEDs with Patterned Nanomesh ElectrodesTae Hoon Park, Ho Jin Lee, Tae Geun Kim
Highly Efficient Perovskite Light-emitting Diodes Using Nickel-doped Thin ITO ElectrodesKyung Rock Son, Yonng-Hoon Kim, Tae Ho Lee, Bo-Hyun Kim, Dong Hyeok Kim, Tae-Woo Lee, Tae Geun Kim*
Workfunction-tunable, Filaments Doped Highly Transparent Conductive Flexible Al2O3/Ag/Al2O3 Electrodes For High-performance OELDsSong Kyu Kang, Byeong Ryong Lee, Tae Geun Kim*
Improved Light Out-coupling Efficiency in TADF OLED with Metal-metal Oxide Nanoparticles Employing Oxygen Plasma TreatmentJae Wan Park, Byeong Ryong Lee, Song Kyu Kang, Tae Geun Kim*
Improved Light Extraction Efficiency for Top-emitting OLEDs Using a Conductive Omnidirectional ReflectorWan Qi Ren, Kyung Rock Son, Tae Hoon Park, Ho Jin Lee, Tae Geun Kim*
Improved Selectivity in NbO2-based Selector Device with Ti Doping MethodDong Su Jeon, Ju Hyun Park, Donghyun Kim, Ji Hwan Lee, Tae Geun Kim*
Ag-doped ZrNx-based Selector Devices with High Selectivity and Ultra-low Off Current Using a Cosputtering SystemDonghyun Kim, Ju Hyun Park, Dong Su Jeon, Tae Geun Kim*
Observation of Vacancy-modulated Self-rectifying Resistive Switching Behavior in a Ti/NiOx/Al2O3/Pt StructureJi Hwan Lee, Ju Hyun Park, Dong Su Jeon, Tae Geun Kim*

2019 한국LED · 광전자 학술대회
고려대학교 하나스퀘어
2019-08-27~ 08-28

[oral]Suppression of haze enhancing transmittance using IZO/Ag/IZO nanomesh electride as an anode of highly flexible blue TADF OLEDsHo Jin Lee, Kyung Rock Son, Byeong Ryong Lee, Tae Hoon Park, Ashkan Vakilpour Takaloo and Tae Geun Kim*


San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

2019-08-11 ~ 08-15

[invited talk]Simultaneous improvements in EQE and WPE of AlGaN UV-C LEDs with Ni:AlN/Al Ohmic reflectors
Tae Geun Kim, Tae Ho Lee, Hideki Hirayama, Tae Hoon Park, Kyung Rock Son

[poster]In-situ block copolymer based active materials for highly flexible organic photovoltaic
Byeong Ryong Lee, Young Un Kim, Kyung Rock Son, Jae Wan Park, Dong Hoon Choi, and Tae Geun Kim*

Enhanced light extraction from blue organic light-emitting diodes using SiO2-based conductive ODR electrodesKyung Rock Son, Wanqi Ren, and Tae Geun Kim*

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2019-06-16 ~ 06-19


Improved sensing reliability of In-Ga-Zn-O electrolyte-gated field effect transistor with bilayer active structures

H. Son*, J. Park, D. Kim, T. Kim

2019 한국광학회 동계학술발표회
2019-02-20 ~ 02-22


1.  Highly transparent conductive and flexible electrodes using Al2O3/Ag/Al2O3/Ag/Al2O3 multilayers for OLEDs
Song Kyu Kang, Byeong Ryong Lee, Kyung Rock Son, Donghyun Kim, Ji Hwan Lee and Tae Geun Kim*

2.  Improved light out-coupling efficiency in blue TADF OLEDs using stacked multilayer electrode and Ag nanoparticles
Jae Wan Park, Byeong Ryong Lee, Ju Hyun Park, Dong Su Jeon, Dae Yun Kang and Tae Geun Kim*

3. Flexible Sky-Blue TADF OLEDs Using Metal Nanomesh Electrodes
Ho Jin Lee, Tea Ho Lee, Tae Hoon Park, Hyun Woo Son, Wanqi Ren and Tae Geun Kim*

4. Top-emitting OLEDs with SiOx-based conductive Omnidirectional Reflector
Wanqi Ren, Kyung Rock Son, Tae Hoon Park, Ho Jin Lee and Tae Geun Kim*

2019 한국광학회
2019-02-20 ~ 02-22

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