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Nitride-Based Microlight-Emitting Diodes Using AlN
Thin-Film Electrodes with Nanoscale Indium/Tin
Conducting Filaments

Kyung Rock Son, Tae Ho Lee,
Byeong Ryong Lee, Hyun Sik Im,
and Tae Geun Kim
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Electrically-doped CVD-graphene transparent
electrodes: application in 365 nm
light-emitting diodes

Myung-Sic Chae, Tae Ho Lee,
Kyung Rock Son, Yong Woon Kim,
Kyo Seon Hwang and Tae Geun Kim
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Recent Publication

Tukaram D. Dongale, Sagar S. Khot , Akshay A. Patil , Siddhesh V. Wagh , Prashant B. Patil , Deepak P. Dubal , Tae Geun Kim*
Bifunctional nanoparticulated nickel ferrite thin films: Resistive memory and aqueous battery applications (IF 6.289 ; JCR 18.631% )
Materials & Design, 201 109493 (2021, MAR)
Trishala R. Desai, Tukaram D. Dongale, Swapnil R. Patil , Arpita Pandey Tiwari, Pankaj K. Pawar, Rajanish K. Kamat, and Tae Geun Kim*
Synaptic Learning Functionalities of Inverse Biomemristive Device based on Trypsin for Artificial Intelligence Application (IF 5.289 ; JCR 5.696%)
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 11, 1100-1110 (2021, XXX)
Muhammad Ahsan Saeed, Sang Hyeon Kim, Hyeok Kim, Jiaen Liang, Han Young Woo, Tae Geun Kim, He Yan,* and Jae Won Shim
Indoor Organic Photovoltaics: Optimal Cell Design Principles with Synergistic Parasitic Resistance and Optical Modulation Effect (IF 25.245 ; JCR 2.83%)
Advanced Energy Materials, XX ----- (2021, XXX)
Pratheep Panneerselvam,Vignesh Murugadoss,Tae Geun Kim,Subramania Angaiah
Preparation of compact TiO2 thin film by artist spray gun assisted pyrolysis method for perovskite solar cell (IF 2.220 ; JCR 47.419%)
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, XX(xx) xxxxxx (2021, XXX)
Ho Jin Lee, Bo-Hyun Kim, Ashkan Vakilipour Takaloo, Kyung Rock Son, Tukaram D. Dongale, Kyoung Moon Lim, and Tae Geun Kim
Haze-suppressed transparent electrodes using IZO/Ag/IZO nanomesh for highly flexible and efficient blue organic light-emitting diodes (IF 8.286 ; JRC 5.67%)
Advanced Optical Materials XX(x) xxxxx (2021, XXX)


2020-11-02 ~ 11-04
IZO-Based Perforated Electrodes for Flexible Blue TADF OLEDs
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
ENGE 2020
2020-11-02 ~ 11-04
TADF-Based Top-Emitting OLEDs Using Multilayer Cathodes
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
ENGE 2020
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2019 ICAE

2019 ICAE

SPIE Photonics West 2020

THE MOSCONE CENTER SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA 2020-02-01 ~ 02-06 [poster] Highly flexible blue TADF OLEDs using IZO/Ag/IZO nanomesh electrodes Ho Jin Lee, Kyung Rock Son, Byeong Ryong Lee, Tae Hoon Lee, Ashkan Vakillpour Takaloo, and Tae Geun Kim* Highly stretchable organic light-emitting diodes using patterned nanomesh electrode Tae Hoon Park, Kyung Rock Son, Ho Jin […]

6th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2019-06-16 ~ 06-19 [poster] Improved sensing reliability of In-Ga-Zn-O electrolyte-gated field effect transistor with bilayer active structures H. Son*, J. Park, D. Kim, T. Kim

ENGE 2020

2020 ENGERamada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea2020-11-02 ~ 11-04[poster]Self-Rectifying Resistive Switching  Memory with Improved Retention in Pt/TaOx/HfO2/PtJi Hoon Sung, Ju Hyun Park, Tae Geun Kim*Resistive Switching Electrodes for Compact Driving Circuitry of Microscale Light-Emitting DiodesKyung Rock Son, Byeong Ryong Lee, Won Ho Jung, Tae Geun Kim*Off Current Reduction in NbO_2-Based Selector Device Using Ti DopingMin […]